Don't Volunteer Your Assets Away!

Vacations have been taken, pool time has been logged and the alarm clock hasn't been set for weeks.  These are surefire signs that summer is in full swing!  Soon however, August rolls around and with it comes practice, two-a-days and clinics.  If you are a volunteer coach, then your afternoons and evenings are consumed with getting kids back into the grind.  Sure, coaching is something that you thoroughly enjoy and the time spent with your kids and their classmates is invaluable, but what research have you done into your possible liability if something happens?

No coach wants a child to become hurt while playing for them and of course accidents happen, but what if you miss signs of an injured player and put them in the game?  If that child's injuries compound, and care and recuperation is needed, then questions may arise.  First step to protecting yourself is to check with the organization you will be coaching for to learn about the liability insurance that they carry.  Educate yourself on the restrictions, requirements and benefits.  When inquiring, learn if their policy is a primary or secondary program.  If secondary, that means the organization's insurance company will pay out only after a primary, such as your homeowner's insurance, pays out first.

Another item to consider is if you are responsible for transporting any student to and from sports events.  Your auto insurance may need to be changed to reflect your status as coach to protect you from possible litigation in the event of a car accident.  Umbrella policies are a good way to ensure that your assets will be protected at all times and under many different scenarios.

Although the chances of something occuring are very slim, coverage as a coach is something you likely had not considered when signing up.  A winning season is hard fought, and nobody wants to see it spoiled with unfortunate circumstances.  Knowing if you need coverage, and that you are protected, allows you to focus on the fun stuff!

The Gift I'm Giving This Father's Day

Growing up Father's Day meant going to the Lion Store and picking out yet another tie for dad, or maybe a new set of golf balls for him to enjoy.  It meant family getting together to spend the day,  most likely in the backyard with dad manning the grill.  We all showed up to honor the head of our family and show appreciation for all that he did for us.  Now that I am a father myself I realize that Father's Day means worlds more than a gift and a shared meal, it is about the gratitude I have for my children as well.

Once you have children of your own you can truly realize what a courageous, loving and selfless role being a parent is.  You must walk the fine line of giving them the world, while also teaching them to work for what they get.  You are their friend, their teacher, their caregiver and their disciplinarian all rolled into one.  For me, out of all the many hats that dad's wear, protector is the most important.  To protect my children is an instinct that is hard wired in me.  When you watch commercials or see the ads for Father's Day it's all about that perfect gift that the kids can get you, but without them knowing I am continually giving them a gift.  The gift of protection if I could never be there.  The gift of freedom to still chase their dreams even if I can't be there.  The gift of reassurance that when everything has changed, much can stay the same.

Knowing that I can plan ahead to take care of my family in the event of a tragedy gives me peace of mind that I am fulfilling my role as protector.  While I appreciate the handmade cards and the ties that make me smile when I wear them, it makes me happier to know that I can give them security when life happens.  I believe in life insurance, not because I am an insurance agent, but because I am a father.

Evolve is Expecting...

...a new team member!  Evolve Insurance is growing , and we can't wait to tell you about it!  Please welcome your newest local agent, Carl Welch, to join Evolve Insurance Consultants.  Carl is a long time Northwest Ohio resident, graduating from Whitmer High School and currently residing in Lambertville, MI.  When you first meet Carl, what may strike you the most is now dedicated he is to his family.  This is important because as a local insurance agent we are in the business of helping you protect what you value the most - your family.

What matters to you as a busy household, matters to Carl also.  When you need the flexibility of a meeting after hours or trading paperwork over a quick coffee on a Saturday morning Carl is more than happy to accommodate what is convenient to you.  He is licensed in Property, Casualty and Life Insurance in both Ohio and Michigan and prides himself on finding solutions that fit your family budget.

At Evolve we do not believe in a one size fits all insurance policy.  We take the time to find out what works best for your family and then search for which insurance company can best fit your needs.  With four daughters ranging in age from a rambunctious one-year-old to a spunky fifteen-year-old, Carl is skilled in the fine art of negotiation and can advocate on your behalf.  Join us in welcoming Carl to our Evolve family and please contact us if we can help you or your friends and family in any way!

First Time Home Buyer Tips

When buying your first home, homeowners insurance shouldn't be just an item on your loan closing checklist.  Taking the time now to research and educate yourself can save you some stress down the line.  Investigating insurance premiums and understanding coverage should be something you are doing at the beginning of the home buying process.

A good insurance agent should be making you aware of the many factors that are taken into consideration when purchasing homeowner's insurance.  Some things to consider are:

  • Credit Matters - a good credit rating can score you a better premium.  Fix any mistakes on your report before you shop for a home.
  • Package Policies - merge your auto and home with the same provider and you can save money, sometimes as much as 20%.
  • Calculate Risks - the swimming pool may sound appealing, but it can affect your premium.  Knowing risks in advance can help you narrow down potential homes.
  • Quality - this is likely your biggest investment ever, protect it with quality coverage - not just the cheapest.
  • Know Your Policy - reading the fine print will save you out of pocket in the long run.  Wind damage, flooding and jewelry are typical riders to a policy that you should investigate.

While buying your first home is an exciting time, it's also a time when things are overlooked due to information overload.  Appraisals, inspections and negotiations can take over the process and insurance can sometimes become an afterthought.  Taking the time to know your policy can help ensure that your home and your investment is protected for the long run.  Evolve Insurance feels it is important to be with you throughout the process and we want to help you at every stage - before and after closing.  Contact me today at 419-517-9895 to help you insure your dream home!

Insuring Your Olympics

The Winter Olympics have kicked off and the whole world has the opportunity to watch spectacular athletes competing and vying for the gold.  It's certainly exciting to watch, but as an insurance agent and small business owner my mind can't help but imagine what all went into insuring this massive event.  It doesn't matter if your hosting the Olympics or your company's annual conference, protecting your company and your investment is key to success.

Every event is different and each one has different elements to it - from a regional sporting event; to an annual dinner thanking vendors and clients; to an outdoor food and music festival benefiting your non-profit.  Location, weather, catering, alcohol and beverage services, entertainment, featured speakers, volunteers - the list can go on and on for your experience.  If any of these elements fall apart your company could be in financial jeopardy due to a ruined event.

Special Event Insurance can help cover the unknown and the out of your control.  This way your event can still stay within budget and you are able to enjoy the event rather than worrying about the what if's.  Recent news reports stated that the stomach virus was making the rounds among the Olympic security staff workers and soldiers had to be shipped in to take their place.  Imagine this scenario without insurance in place and then with insurance in place.

Next time your company has an important event don't just invite me, contact me to help you put the safeguards in place to protect and insure your event can go off without a hitch!

Another Winter for the Record Books

Northwest Ohio has been feeling more like the frozen tundra lately than Midwest America!  Wind chills that rival Alaska's lows as well as snow, ice and more snow have rung in our new year.  Add to that weeks of freezing cold temperatures and the insurance claims phones really start ringing.  Flooded basements and kitchens from broken pipes and fires from space heaters and fireplaces are a few of the issues that arise.  So, what do you need to do to keep your pipes in working order?

First thing to do is pay attention to pipes that are in unheated areas - such as pipes in basements, attics or garages.  You may not think that kitchen or bathroom pipes need to be addressed but some may run along an exterior wall which could cause damage.  If you open your cabinets while you are not home, it will allow heat to circulate in and around to keep your pipes warmer.  It is also important to keep your home temperature consistent for both day and night.  This way the temperature of your pipes isn't fluctuating as much.  Lastly, leaving a faucet running with a trickle will allow continuous movement throughout the pipes and help to prevent freezing. 

If you are lucky enough to locate a frozen pipe before it bursts there are certain ways to thaw them properly.  First keep the faucet open so that once the ice begins to melt water can flow through.  The running water will help to thaw the pipe quicker and more conveniently.  Applying heat to the pipe is important, but it must be done in the correct fashion - never with an open flame.  Electric heating pads wrapped around the pipe itself or hair dryers and space heaters directed at the frozen spots are your best bets for success.  If the job is just to big you should contact a licensed plumber to handle the task professionally.

According to a New York Times report the average claim for frozen pipes is $18,000.  Factor in your deductible as well as any incidental convenience costs and the cold weather can add up quickly.  Staying warm through the winter may raise your heat bills a bit, but in the long run it could save you from a larger problems.  With Mother Nature so unpredictable these days and another storm on the horizon we want you to stay safe, warm and claim free!

Hap, Hap, Happiest Christmas

"Is your house on fire Clark?"

No, Aunt Bethany, those are Christmas lights."

-Clark Griswold

When it comes to Christmas lights how much is too much?  Maybe, if you are like Clark Griswold, your neighbors think your house is on fire it may be too much.  The stores are packed full of decorations, moving lawn figures and blow-ups, along with all kinds of new and improved lighting options so it's hard not to go a little overboard.  The key is keeping your holiday spirit safe and in great working order.

Starting with newer equipment is your best bet for a successful display.  Extension cords, power strips and lights should all be fairly new for both your indoor and outdoor exhibit.  LED's are popular, although a little pricey.  However, they last almost ten times as long as regular Christmas lights - up to 4,000 hours and they also use 80% less power.

Attaching string lights with nails or staples may have worked for Clark Griswold but today there are better options on the market.  Try using clips, hangers and hooks available at your local hardware store.  Also, lights should not be displayed longer than 90 days and stored safely when not in use.  Coil your lights around a piece of cardboard and protect the bulbs with fabric when you pack them away.

Nothing gets me more in the holiday spirit than driving around looking at all the different lights.  While my display may not hold a candle to Clark Griswold's, it delights the kids every time I flip the switch to on.  All the time and money invested in your display will pay off and hopefully be the envy of the neighborhood!  From our family to yours we wish you a bright and merry holiday season!

November - Giving Back this November

The season of Thanksgiving is synonymous with giving thanks.  Many of us are very thankful for our family and friends and the support we receive from the community we have built around us.  Part of receiving support is giving it also and I am proud to give back by partnering with the Janet Phleger Foundation.

This outstanding organization provides college scholarships to area teens who have had the devastating diagnosis of cancer for one of their parents.  Asking the community for assistance is never easy but it is essential so that we may give back in an important and meaningful way.  This November the Janet Phleger Foundation has kicked off an initiative identified as the #JP120.  We are rallying 120 people to donate $50 each to help us raise our fundraising goal.  This money is directly awarded to a deserving student to help further their college hopes and dreams.

While the primary focus of insurance may seem more like protecting one's belongings, to me insurance also means giving others a reason to be grateful when life is difficult.  That is why supporting the Janet Phleger Foundation is another way for me to show people that even though times may be challenging there is still good to be found.  This holiday season please consider joining me in donating to this worthy cause.  You can follow this initiative on their Facebook page or donate directly to online through their website at  

September - Breaking Down the Basics

Ever feel like the options for life insurance read like a college football play book? So many different scenarios it can become overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Coverage and protection is the number one thing that needs to be considered for your family.

Start with thinking about the financial impact your family will be left with upon your death. Beginning with funeral costs, including debt such as a mortgage and adding up college costs for the children. One rule of thumb is to multiply your income by 10 if you have small children and a sizable mortgage. Your amount of coverage, age and health are all factors in how much you will ultimately pay for your policy so getting into the game early is a benefit to you.

Permanent life insurance and term life insurance are the two basic types of policies you can purchase. Of course, it can get much more detailed and involved from there but your big decision lies between these two. Whether you are a newly graduated millennial or you are starting your second chance in life and blending two families together, a conversation needs to be had to help determine the benefits of each for your situation. Life insurance should be re-evaluated often to ensure that your policy is reflective of where you are at in life.

We are always ready to break it down for you and help you understand how life insurance will benefit you and your loved ones. Too often we see how quickly a family can be affected by the absence of life insurance and we do not want that to happen to our customers and friends. Pick up the phone and call us today to talk over what is best for you. We want to help find you the best fit for your budget today and your hopes for the future.

August - Replacement Value vs. Actual Cash Value

Your boxes are packed, new furniture has been purchased and paint colors have been compared. You are all ready to move into your dream house and get everything unpacked and organized. One of the items you may need to finalize is your homeowner’s insurance. One of the trickiest things to understand about homeowners is the replacement value of your home. Insurance policies sometimes offer two different estimating tools for coverage – replacement value and actual cost value.

Let’s take a moment to break it down while thinking of an everyday item such as your television. In the unfortunate occurrence your television is stolen you have two options. The first would be replacement value – what it costs in today’s market to replace your five year old 57” television with the same or similar quality television, depreciation is not factored in this calculation. If you are working off actual cash value then you would be reimbursed based on the cost of purchasing a 57”television that is five years old and in similar condition to yours, with depreciation factored in.

Before deciding which option is best for you, I would advise doing a home inventory. This is the best way to determine the total value of your home and contents if you had to start from scratch. From there, we can help you calculate the replacement value of your home and belongings – including the cost of materials and labor needed. Actual cash value may come with a lower premium but in the long run knowing upfront the difference between the two can help you decide. When in doubt just ask, I can always answer any questions to help you calculate the risk in either scenario!

July - Why Stay Local?

Online sales and mega companies are ruling the world right now – so why is it important to keep your insurance with a local agent? Simple – it’s because we are local. Think of it as WebMD vs. your personal physician. A local agent works for you in a way that mega companies just cannot.

Recently, in the Toledo area, we lost several local insurance companies to larger parent company buyouts. These parent companies, while offering many similar products, don’t always offer exactly what you are in the market for and often don’t have the customer service you may have become accustomed to. While this is unfortunate for the Toledo area, it does not have to mean that you as a customer must accept that change.

In this day and age, customer service is as important as your coverage. I pride myself on the customer service I commit to provide to all my customers. I make sure that your policies are managed correctly and can be there to help when questions arise. When you walk out of Evolve’s offices you will understand your coverage and know that your investment is the best the market has to offer.

Staying local while maintaining the same insurance carrier is also easier than you may think. Often, a simple signature change can be filed and the paperwork can be handled quickly. As a licensed, regulated and insured agent working for you I am your safety net in the complicated world of insurance.

June - Summertime Home Safety

Your vacation to-do list may include buying sunscreen and gassing up the family car, but don’t neglect your home’s safety while you are away. Many home burglaries occur during the summer months when your house is most likely to be empty for an extended period of time.

There are many quick, simple things you can do to ensure that your home is safe:

  • Check your motion detectors to verify they are in working order
  • Put inside lamps on timers
  • Leave a radio turned on and playing in your home
  • Install deadbolts as needed on first floor doors
  • Ask neighbors to park in your drive
  • Stop your mail and newspaper delivery
  • Turn off the main water valve – burst pipes won’t deter burglars but they can destroy your homecoming.

In the event that your home is broken into you want to keep your most valuable items safe. In today’s era, these most valuable items may be digital. Years of family photos, important documents or hard work may be lost with one stolen computer. Consider backing up your meaningful data on a flash drive and taking it with you on vacation or storing it at the office. Turning off your Wi-Fi and unplugging your computers will reduce your risk as well. Social media sharing and announcing your plans to all your family and friends can wait until you return from your time away. You never know who is paying attention to what you post.

A quick check with your insurance agent can also save you lots of worry and confusion. Make sure that any recent valuable purchases are documented and shared with your agent. Your time away with your family is important and knowing that your homeowner’s policy is up to date can give you the peace of mind you need to fully relax while you are away!

May - Your Silent…Yet Reliable Partner

When customers come to your restaurant all they are concerned about is the quality of your food and the level of service they receive. As the owner of the restaurant, your priorities can run from accountant to chef to dishwasher to customer service and beyond. With so much on your plate to worry about insurance coverage should be low on your worry list.

Holidays, like the recent Mother’s Day, may be a huge money-maker for your restaurant. Let’s say a major storm moves through Northwest Ohio days beforehand, knocking out the power and compromising all the food in the walk-in fridge that has been prepped for the celebration. Proper insurance coverage is in place and allows you to know that your loss will be covered and replaced.

Everything from cooking equipment to food inventory can be protected, but what about the risk in the bar area? While alcohol sales can dramatically increase your restaurant’s profit it also raises your exposure. Liquor liability insurance is essential coverage wherever and whenever alcohol is being served. The definition of liquor liability insurance is coverage of damages because of injury for selling, serving or furnishing alcoholic beverages. You acting as a responsible business owner and purchasing this insurance can protect you against irresponsible drinking.

Small business is what we specialize in at Evolve Insurance Consultants and we know the risks and specifically how they need to be covered to minimize damage. With employees and vendors who rely on your business for their livelihood also, it pays to make sure complications can be handled quickly and efficiently. Think of your business insurance as your partner working behind the scenes to make sure your busy season goes off without a hitch!

The Janet Phleger Foundation

Each one of our agents at Evolve Insurance Consultants hails from the Northwest Ohio area and our community roots are lifelong. Supporting those that we work for and live next to is something that is important to each one of us. That is why we are extremely proud to announce that our own Brad Hughes has recently been selected as a new board member with The Janet Phleger Foundation.

This foundation was created to personally help families that have been affected by cancer. Raising funds and awarding college scholarships to those children whose parent or guardian has battled cancer is their primary purpose and to date they have provided over $74,000 for families in need. Brad and his immediate family, like so many others, have direct experience with the devastation that is cancer and he knows the fight it takes to endure this illness. Leading the Janet Phleger Foundation to new heights of fundraising and service is something that Brad is very determined and passionate about. Join us in congratulating and supporting Brad in his new role for our community!

April - Is Water Creeping into Your Foundation?

April showers don’t just bring May flowers, sometimes you can be left with unsightly water damage in your basement as well. Within the insurance industry, water in the basement is a hot topic as some damage can be viewed as catastrophic while other may be considered preventative. We recently took some time to discuss basement water issues with Joe Shaffer of Toledo Basement Repair, a local company dedicated to providing quality home remodeling and contracting services.

Joe shared that there are some definite warning signs that may warrant a professional opinion. If you recognize a white chalky substance on your wall or gathering on the floor of your basement, that is called efflorescence and that is a cause for concern. Chipping and peeling paint can mean an issue with water, as water causes paint to lose adhesion. Also, if there are dark spots where joints meet it can mean that water has crept in and mold or bacteria is growing.

The best course of action to minimize the threat to your home is waterproofing. Toledo Basement Repair offers waterproofing options for small or large problems along with a Lifetime Transferrable Warranty. Joe mentioned that preventative maintenance is still an important part of the defense plan as well. Services such as an annual check in to service your sump pump, monitor drain tiles and do clean outs when necessary can save you big money in the long run. These yearly visits can help to identify possible structural issues that could lead to foundation repair – such as horizontal or vertical cracks in your foundation or windows and doors that aren’t closing properly.

Protecting the footprint of your home will add value to it in the long run and extend it to its maximum life capacity. Nobody can predict when April showers can turn catastrophic, but you can act now to preserve your home from disaster. Contact Joe Shaffer with Toledo Basement Repair at 419-297-6138, because you never know when a professional consultation can turn into the best protection for your home and your investment.

March - Healthy Trees = A Safer Yard

The crazy March weather we have been experiencing in Northwest Ohio has wreaked havoc on area trees and yards alike. Damaged and dead tree limbs can become extremely dangerous to your home and vehicle when 60 mph winds are a factor. We decided to consult with Conor Curran of Sidonian Tree Service to see what homeowners can do to prevent extreme damage to their property.

Sidonian Tree Service is a local company that specializes in professional tree trimming and pruning, tree and stump removal as well as cabling and bracing weak branches. Conor states that in a city setting trees grow differently than in a forested area. In a suburban setting trees grow more profusely and “willy nilly”, as there is much less competition for sunlight than in a dense forest. Therefore, pruning is essential to the health of your trees and any of your property that is in close proximity.

How do you know when a tree is damaged enough that it needs to be removed? Conor shares that if at least 20% of your tree shows signs of being lifeless then it may be time for a consultation for removal. Some examples include:

  • Pest or disease
  • Small, discolored leaves
  • Large parts wilted or dying

Roots that are heaving sidewalks or interfering with water or sewer lines

Prevention is key when it comes to managing the health of your trees and limiting damage to your home. Say you have a large limb that comes down on a neighbor’s fence – if that limb was damaged beforehand you may be liable for the cost of repairs regardless of your homeowner’s coverage. With over 40 years of professional experience and free estimates it can’t hurt to consult with Sidonian Tree Service to ensure that your trees stay standing for years to come - reach Conor today at 419-442-9410!

February - Redesign With Peace of Mind

Spring is almost her and the time is right for home remodeling. You have likely spent the past few months elbow deep in product samples and price estimates, and while it can feel overwhelming to deal with all the choices don’t overlook an important detail. Protecting yourself and your property all the way through the process is essential. Insurance coverage for big and not so big remodels is something that needs to be included on the to do list whether you are completing the overhaul yourself or you have hired contractors to assist.

Ensuring a general contractor is licensed and bonded should begin at the initial bidding process. Standard insurance liability coverage for a GC is about $1 million and will include general liability as well as workers’ compensation for any of his subcontractors. The major factor in choosing a general contractor may be the bottom line he gives you, but if he has no proof of insurance that bottom line will be a huge gamble in the long run.

A surety bond is something that contractors are required to provide to be licensed in many states. The bond is a form of insurance and provides protection to you if they neglect to complete the contract properly or fail to cover financial obligations on your behalf.

There are so many variables to protecting a remodel, from the scope of the work to the person doing the work – whether it be yourself, a general contractor or a subcontractor. Consult with any of our agents to verify that you are protected along the way. We will also need to assist you in reviewing your current Homeowners Insurance policy to ensure coverage is adequate once the project is completed. Additional square footage or a new roof are examples of upgrades that can affect your insurance coverage. The unexpected can often pop up during major change like a remodel, Evolve Insurance can help give you the peace of mind that you are protected for much of that unexpected!

January - You Created it, Protect It!

In this day and age, home-based businesses are becoming more popular than ever. The trend is booming with the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics currently estimating 18.3 million home-based businesses nationwide, with a new start-up beginning every five minutes. That is some serious growth!

While many different factors go into a new enterprise, insurance may be one of the most important steps to research from the start, as well as after your new business takes off. Small Business Insurance is typically formulated of four distinct categories:

  • Property Insurance – property for small businesses can be everything from the computer you use daily to the inventory and materials that are stored in your garage or basement.
  • Liability Insurance – if your company is found liable for damage or harm to another you need to be protected.
  • Business Vehicle Insurance – if you use your personal vehicle your personal auto insurance policy needs to be reviewed thoroughly to understand coverage for personal vs. business use. If your business owns a vehicle, this auto will need a business vehicle policy.
  • Workers Compensation – if your business employs anyone then workers comp needs to be reviewed.

Your business insurance could include other specific policies, but at minimum should include the four mentioned above. These separate policies can be combined into a BOP – Business Owners Policy to streamline your insurance coverage. A BOP typically also includes business income insurance which is extremely important to small and home-based businesses – covering your income when disaster happens.

Although insurance is not the fun and exciting part of new business adventure, it is a fundamental part of your eventual success. Your new business likely could not withstand a setback without being protected. Line yourself and your company up for an outstanding 2017 - contact any of our agents to help ensure that your business is protected!

December - Protecting Your Holidays

Not only is December the busiest time of year for families, it is for burglars as well! Home invasions this time of year continue to rise because burglars are opportunists and with more and more big ticket items showing up under the tree, they see this time of year as more profitable. On average, a home invasion could cost a homeowner upwards of $1,600 in property loss.

We spoke with Patrick Lindsley from Habitec Security to find out how to keep your home safe and secure this holiday season. Patrick mentioned that the number one deterrent for burglars is any indication of a home alarm system. Not only can an alarm system deter, it can also minimize a home invasion. Once a secure spot is breached, an 80-100 decibel siren will sound throughout your home notifying neighbors of the crime taking place. A broken window pane is much easier to replace than a houseful of electronics and valuables.

Some other suggestions that Patrick had may seem easy, but can really ensure your peace of mind over the holidays. Timers for interior lamps or a radio left on keeps up the appearance of someone at home. Drawing blinds or curtains is also a clear way to avoid having valuables in plain sight. A prime time for burglars to strike is between 8am-12pm so switching up your regular schedule can throw off a possible attack as well. Deliveries are a quick grab and go for thieves, so try having packages delivered to your work, or notify neighbors to be on the lookout for expected packages.

The holidays are a time for celebrating and family, not for concerns about the safety and well-being of your loved ones. Taking time out to be a bit more vigilant now can turn into a way of life later. Patrick Lindsley with Habitec Security can help get you in the habit of feeling safe.

All of us at Evolve Insurance Consultants would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe holiday!

November - Veterans Day

Many of us are aware of the date because it is a federal holiday, offering some the day off work or school. For others, such as our own Raul Hinojosa, Veterans Day is much more personal. Raul served as a Staff Sergeant in the Army from 1969-1971, serving overseas as a Platoon Leader in the jungles of Vietnam for 1st Calvary and 101st Air Borne. While stationed in Saigon for nearly a year Raul came to appreciate many things we take for granted, such as the importance of clean drinkable water as a natural resource.

The original purpose of Veterans Day was to commemorate the end of the first World War. Allied and German forces entered a period known as armistice, or the end of hostilities, on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Since its beginning in 1919 the importance of the day has come to incorporate and honor all of America’s veterans and recognize the time they served as well as the sacrifices made.

It’s important to take time to honor and appreciate any Veteran. For many, like Raul, the time spent with the Armed Forces honed valuable skills such as discipline, leadership and responsibility. These skills make up part of the qualities that now make Raul so valuable to you as your insurance agent. We at Evolve are so very proud to have a man like Raul on our team, and we wish all Veterans a Veterans Day filled with pride in their heroism.

October - Trick or Treat

October is full of tricks and treats, ghosts and goblins - but did you know it is also a great time to review and take stock of where you stand financially so you don’t get spooked? October is National Financial Planning Month and the goal is to review both your month to month finances, as well as your long term plan. Your insurance needs fall under both of these categories and should be an important piece of your whole plan that you analyze.

Auto insurance is necessary and should be thoroughly reviewed in order to verify that you are not under buying or overbuying coverage. Are you a driver that has had no accidents, tickets or claims in the last several years? Or do you have a teenager at home that will be getting behind the wheel soon? Have you recently moved to a new zip code? Check to make sure that your policy takes all of these items into account and that your agent is aware of any recent changes.

Homeowners Insurance should also be reviewed yearly in order to ensure coverage is there when it’s needed. Possibly your small remodel job in the basement turned into a fully finished basement, or you made a large jewelry purchase that needs to be added. In the chance there would be a need to make a claim against your Homeowners Insurance policy for any reason you want to make sure that everything is up to date and accounted for.

Life insurance is also a significant item that should be considered annually. Life events such as home purchases and births are joyous events and your life insurance needs to grow along with those events. The coverage you had at the beginning of 2016 may need increased in order to protect the life and lifestyle that you have created.

Everything under your insurance umbrella should be analyzed in order to ensure that your whole financial plan is working for you and not against you. Life grows and changes at a rapid pace and when you find yourself in a time of need it’s important to have that peace of mind that you are covered. All of our agents at Evolve Insurance Consultants would be happy to review your policies – just contact us!

September - Putting Protection In Place

Life insurance comes down to one word – protection.  We all know that life happens and sometimes the unforeseen is reality.  With life insurance in place for your loved ones you are essentially putting protection in place for them.  Your family can be assured that the financial impact of life’s unfortunate moments can be minimized and they can adjust to their new life with less worry and stress about the future.

With September being Life Insurance Awareness month, we think it’s important to go over some basic factors that can affect your premiums positively. 

  • Answers to health questions on the policy application
  • Lifestyle—smoker/nonsmoker, alcohol consumption, risky hobbies like skydiving
  • Results from medical exam and lab work
  • Family medical history
  • Driving record
  • Gender – longer life expectancy allows females lower rates
  • Marital status

If you don’t already have life insurance maybe it’s time to start evaluating your needs.  Putting the correct tools in place before life happens will ease your mind and provide for your family.  We can help you navigate through the different polices and terms, contact us to take the right steps for your family’s future.

August - College Coverage 101

As a parent, moving day for your child’s first year at college can be bittersweet.  You are so proud of them and all of their accomplishments and you will miss them terribly at the same time!  Making sure that they are always protected is still your main concern and putting renter’s insurance in place can help ensure your peace of mind. 
Whether your child is moving into a residence hall, apartment or sharing a home with friends, we can put security in place to protect all of your property.   Typically, colleges are not responsible for any type of loss to your child’s property.  Take the time to be proactive and take risk matters into your own hands.  Putting this protection in place now means that any type of loss of property your child may endure can be easily and quickly replaced, minimizing any impact on their time away at school.
Setting up a policy is effortless, the most difficult would be making an inventory of your child’s items.  Contact us to find out more and get your process started.  Then, when the time comes to drive back home from moving your child in, you can be relieved to know that you are doing your part to help keep your child safe.